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Advance your professional development, expand your training skills and improve your health and fitness with the Tai Chi online and face-to-face courses by Exercise Medicine Australia! Click the links below for your course choice, course overview and registration!

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Tai Chi Online with Exercise Medicine Australia

Learn Tai Chi online or face-to-face courses – the Tai Chi for Health and Fall Prevention Program, the Tai Chi for Mental Health and Cognitive Improvement Program, the Cardiopulmonary Health Program, the Tai Chi for Healthy Body Healthy Mind Program, the Clinical Tai Chi for Rehabilitation Program and other Tai Chi for health programs by Exercise Medicine Australia. Accredited or endorsed by national and international governing bodies, the programs are based on compelling research evidence, informed by exercise science, and guided by exercise prescription principles and safety guidelines. The programs are designed for prevention, management and rehabilitation of chronic conditions and fall, and improvement of physical and mental health, cognition, overall functional ability and the quality of life for all populations. The courses make it easy and highly beneficial for everyone to learn Tai Chi, whether it is the Tai Chi instructor courses for health and exercise professionals, or the Tai Chi for health programs for the general population, or the Tai Chi for beginners or advanced learners courses, or the Tai Chi for seniors or other special population group courses. Sign up today to expand your professional skills or start a new path to your health and fitness!

Exercise Medicine Australia

Course Registration

Exercise Medicine Australia offers face-to-face, on-Zoom and self-paced Tai Chi online courses and tai chi classes for all populations. To enrol in and learn Tai Chi courses face-to-face, on Zoom or self-paced online courses, simply click here for your course choice, course overview, course schedule (face-to-face) and registration.

Once you have enrolled in a course, you will receive a course enrolment confirmation and course access details from Exercise Medicine Australia. Regardless of your background, the courses are suitable for everyone, from Tai Chi for beginners’ courses to Tai Chi for instructors’ courses. Contact our friendly team today for course details and registration!

Tai Chi Classes and Courses for Community Health

Over the past 20 years, Exercise Medicine Australia has actively supported community organizations, aged care, hospitals, and other health service providers by providing customized on-site training workshops, Tai Chi courses and Tai Chi online lessons.

Exercise Medicine Australia offers special training packages for the Tai Chi for Health and Falls Prevention Program, the Tai Chi for Mental Health and Cognitive Improvement Program, the Clinical Tai Chi for Rehabilitation Program, the Tai Chi for Healthy Body Healthy Mind Program and other exercise programs. Contact EMA for further information.

Exercise Medicine Australia

Exercise Medicine Australia leads the field with over 20 years of excellence in providing evidence-based Tai Chi, Qigong, Mulan Quan and other programs for continuing education and professional development for health and exercise professionals and the general public. The programs are designed for prevention, rehabilitation and management of chronic conditions and fall, improving mental health, cognition and functional abilities and quality of life for all populations. The courses are/were accredited, endorsed or used by national and international professional governing bodies and government health department including

  • Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA)
  • AUSactive
  • Australian & New Zealand Falls Prevention Society
  • Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Exercise Medicine International
  • Queensland Health
  • Western Australia Health
  • NSW Health
Exercise Medicine Australia

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a system of body-mind exercise for health. It involves isotonic and isometric muscle contraction, dynamic balance, coordinated postural control, diaphragmatic breathing, mental focus and visualization among other key techniques. During Tai Chi practice, movements are well coordinated and  executed seamlessly, the body remains relaxed, the mind stays focused and breathing is naturally deepened. There is compelling evidence that Tai Chi exercises improve cardiovascular and respiratory health; strengthen immune system; reduce anxiety and depression; and improve mental and physical health and quality of life. Tai Chi exercises have also been demonstrated to be effective in improving mobility, flexibility, coordination and balance.

The  practice of Tai Chi is underpinned by Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy which emphasizes the importance of following the law of nature and maintaining the natural balance and harmony of the body system. Through uniquely designed body movements integrated with mind training diaphragmatic breathing , Tai Chi aims to restore the body system to its natural equilibrium and homeostasis.

Learn Tai Chi Online

To learn Tai Chi online, you can choose to do Tai Chi online courses over Zoom or self-paced  Tai Chi courses or Tai Chi lessons online. For Tai Chi online courses over Zoom, you have the opportunity to learn and practice step by step the evidence-based Tai Chi intervention programs with the course instructors in real time. For the self-paced online courses, you have the flexibility to learn and complete the courses at your own pace and in your own time and space.

The Tai Chi online and Tai Chi instructor courses include:

  • Tai Chi for beginners
  • Tai Chi for seniors
  • Tai Chi for health
  • Tai Chi for rehabilitation
  • Tai Chi for balance
  • Tai Chi for mental health
  • Tai Chi for cardio health
  • Tai Chi for respiratory health
  • Tai Chi for fall prevention
  • Tai Chi for cognition and dementia prevention
  • Tai Chi for healthy body healthy mind

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